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We live in a connected world where people are actively seeking information, products and services at their fingertips. Searching for a great place to eat, buying a new pair of shoes, or chatting with a friend, we have rapidly become a digital culture.

Our lives are no longer ‘online’ and ‘offline’ and it’s our mission to provide digital training, educate and help as many people as possible to embrace digital to reach their potential for boosting business, work life and beyond.

At the Digital Boost Academy, we create and deliver all-inclusive digital training that demystifies digital, cuts out the confusion, educates and up-skills businesses and individuals about the digital world we live in, so that you can prosper and reach your full potential.

The opportunity

88% of businesses are missing out on digital

There are 3.5 billion searches in Google every single day, and 15% of those searches have never ever happened before, they are totally unique. We are truly living in a digital age with 94% of the people in the UK online, and not just that, they’re actively buying online. In fact, 77% of people in the UK make a purchase online at least twice a month, making it the world’s leader in e-commerce.

The digital opportunity is massive. So why aren’t businesses taking advantage of this?

We believe it comes down to four main reasons: jargon, money, time, and emotion. All of which are creating a barrier and leaving people turned off to digital.

In fact, it’s more than that. We believe it’s leaving people embarrassed, embarrassed they don’t understand digital and they’re not seeing the results for themselves.

How we deliver our digital training

The worlds most inclusive digital training

Our approach to learning is designed to be engaging, fun and interactive, so you can get the very best out of the sessions and start implementing these skills in real life.

Our delivery is purposely offline, and we like to meet people face-to-face and work together, starting our digital conversation. We supply online materials, but we don’t assume that those people taking part are already online.

A key part of everything we do is to ensure that we use no jargon, no acronyms or buzzwords. We assume that the people involved in our digital training know very little about digital, meaning greater clarity and to ensure everybody leaves confidently understanding what has been discussed.

Learning digital skills and concepts through storytelling and tasks

Why? Storytelling brings structure and context to learning, it provides the link between theory and practice and enables a deeper understanding within learning.

Stories are all around us. As digital storytellers, we use the power of narrative to explain some of the most complex digital skills in a coherent, all-inclusive and engaging way, and we are the leaders for this in digital training.

The ultimate digital research, training and strategy programme


Only 12% of businesses are taking advantage of the online opportunities. Those businesses that are maximising digital grow twice as fast and employ twice as many.

Our ‘FOUND’ programme focuses on giving you the knowledge and skills to get ahead, increase your digital presence and to be ‘FOUND’ online. This is a tailor made programme, designed to get under the skin of your business, explore and redefine your digital direction and online activity.

What’s included in the ‘FOUND’ programme?

Background research

This personal programme begins with background research and a digital audit, which is presented to you at a workshop session.

Research focuses on analytic analysis (how you’re performing currently), a website audit, online advertising review (if applicable) and Keyword research.

‘FOUND’ deliverables

  • Personalised analytical analysis
  • Webpage audits
  • Keyword research
  • Adwords review (if applicable)
  • Comprehensive action plan for you to take away and implement
  • 1/2 day training and strategy workshop.

Training and strategy workshop

The programme centres around a face-to-face workshop where we look at where you are now, and where you want to go – your digital aspirations. Together we actively work through a series of engaging tasks, case studies to understand:

  • Who your audience is online and where are they?
  • How search works and what is the key for success
  • Options for online success and create an action plan to achieve this.

This comprehensive training programme covers, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  • How search works
  • Understanding keywords
  • Hero products/services and demand
  • Your audience
  • Google Analytics
  • Social media strategy
  • User experience
  • Potential opportunity online
  • Content Marketing.

Interested in getting ‘FOUND’?

About the Digital Boost Academy

We want to help


Our mission is to create and facilitate the most inclusive digital training programmes in the world that boosts business and changes lives for the better.


We are an experienced team of digital and business professionals that have worked across a range of industry sectors with a wealth of knowledge.
We only offer training, research and strategy services and not additional digital services. Why? Because this means we can give you the best impartial advice possible. To help you succeed is our sole aim.

The team includes Simon McCaskill: Lead trainer, European master class trainer for Google and international speaker on digital. Daniel Robinson: Business coach and digital facilitator, previously talent scout for the BBC. Victoria McCaskill: Head of marketing and delivery, with an extensive knowledge in brand, communications and the challenges both large and small businesses face.

About the Digital Boost Academy

What people are saying

FOUND has “revolutionised our digital advertising and marketing. It’s helped us to define what digital success is. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this and am sure it will bring value to your business. “

Iain Morisson

Managing Director, Morrison Shenfine

Incredibly knowledgeable and manages to impart wisdom in actual English as opposed to jargon.” & “gives clear advice and insightful observations and I cannot recommend highly enough.”

Nici Hewitson

Director, One Little Bird

Its was “Engaging and exciting” and gave us a “whole host of great ideas” with “really practical and quite ambitious ways of driving us forward“. A great development opportunity for the team”

Martin Dickson

Head of Marketing, Leeds BID

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